Changemaker Team

Meet some of the ChangeMaker Associates from around the world

Pete Robinson - UK

Pete Robinson - UK

A dynamic and experienced trainer and coach with 20 years' international training experience. He has run innovative and engaging courses at all levels within organisations and has the rapport building skills to work effectively with supervisors in a shipyard to directors of a major pharmaceutical company.

Colin Done

Colin Done - UK

An experienced Management Development trainer with an Experiential Learning background; a behaviourally focused facilitator with a pragmatic approach to learning application and real concern for the growth of the individual.

Cathy Lawson

Cathy Lawson - UK

A Development Consultant who draws on the skills and knowledge gained from 15 years experience to give her a deep understanding of clients' business issues in proposing pragmatic solutions with sustainable outcomes.

David Dobedoe

David Dobedoe - UK

A committed team and personal coach and creative facilitator with a 20 year background in experiential training who believes in working within a contractual and co-creative process with clearly defined and understood outcomes for all parties.

Andi Roberts

Andi Roberts - Spain
Works in English and Spanish

A talented facilitator committed to development for his clients Andi leads by example as an enthusiast for continuous professional development and the gaining of international experience.

Inka Kretschmer

Inka Kretschmer - UK
Works in Mandarin, German and English

A multi-lingual international facilitator and coach with a background in journalism and TV who brings clarity to complicated concepts and an understanding of differences in cultures gained from her global experiences.

Yvan Dorier

Yvan Dorier - France
Works in French and English

A passionate coach and personal development mentor with considerable event management and organisation experience whose international competitive sport experience helps him to "raise the bar" for his clients.

Tormod (Toby) Andreassen

Tormod (Toby) Andreassen – Norway
Works in most Scandanavian languages and English

An experienced, multi-lingual businessman, change consultant and skilled facilitator, specialising in personal, team and organisational relationships.

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