Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Are your managers getting too involved in the day to day routine?

You have unhappy - de-motivated teams and the staff feel micro-managed by managers whose predominant style is to leap in to rescue the situation.

You know coaching is important but there just isn't enough time to change the style of working.

Does this sound all too familiar?

You want managers to take responsibility for their subordinates; they need to drive up performance by empowering and developing the people who work for them. They are moving up the talent-pipeline but don't understand how to bridge the gap from managing self to managing others and then to managing managers.

You know where you want to get to….But you don't know how to get there.

our organisation wants to create a leadership culture rather than a management culture; Coaching is seen to be a key element of this. You want to move from being a directive organisation to an engaged one that will free up untapped capability, so that people feel more fulfilled. Perhaps you can't do much about work-life balance but your vision is that people can feel more empowered in the work-place. You want your managers to believe in Coaching as a core leadership competence.

Choose ChangeMaker as your guide:

We will coach you through the journey in line with your vision and values and your business strategy.

"The best coaches are those that achieve insight and results without direct intervention or manipulation. To develop a part of the body while looking after the well being of the whole is neither a science nor an art form - it's a gift. Both these qualities are to be found in abundance with ChangeMaker and its enthusiastic team. I have grown personally and seen my team flourish through team and personal coaching sessions - the best 100 days ever!" Alan Hall Director of Service for BT Ireland

Our style models "best coaching practice".

"I highly recommend ChangeMaker to any manager wanting to develop practical coaching skills that really work in a business environment. Learning in a very experiential way really helped me to develop my coaching skills and a good number of the concepts I continue to use – which in my experience is unusual for a training programme!. I regularly coach others within the business and apply the skills I have learnt to help them move forward. The follow-up day really helped to refresh and embed my learning still further." Chris Clacey Business Manager Sun Microsystems

We provide LeadershipCoaching On a number of levels within organisations

Perhaps you know your destination and want to plan an interesting journey. ChangeMaker will help you find an appropriate route by selecting from these key "waypoints" to ensure that the journey is as relevant as the destination: How long do you want to spend on the journey, what do you want to visit along the way, what is the end-point?


What is Coaching. When, and when not to Coach.

Business objectives and Basic Techniques.

The Coaching Toolkit and models (Situational Leadership)

Apply these to real-life issues brought to the course - Practice

Set up a coaching Action Plan with Coaching-Buddy and report back


Focuses on understanding Behaviour using Transactional Analysis & the Drama Triangle, and taking personal responsibility for actions.


Giving & Receiving feedback.

Interactive practice of Listening & Questioning.

Real-Issue Coaching.

"Coaching for Success"

A 3 day workshop
(Often one module as part of an extended Management Development Programme) plus 1 day follow-up.

The content covers "Hard" and "Soft" areas and repeated practice and feedback; preparing managers to Coach their people in the work-place.


Individual focused sessions either as part of the contract in follow up to one of the above programmes or from one of our business coaches selected because of their corporate experience in relevant specialist areas and administered on an agreed 1:1 basis.