A mini case study in Team Development


...developing team behaviours in an executive committee

Christian Salvesen

The Opportunity

To work with the Board of an organisation to help them focus on their behaviours as a team and how they manage the business

The Objectives

  • To examine their approach to problem solving.
  • To learn more about each other ,each individuals' potential contribution and to develop personal respect for each other.
  • To understand that people are different and to respect and value those differences building an understanding of trust and the part it plays in teamwork.
  • To see the value in collaborative teamwork and that it is OK to ask for help; it's OK to offer help; and that being given help is not a sign of weakness.
  • To see the dangers of becoming too task focused and to understand the importance of lifting the eyes and considering the wider options.
  • Defining the difference between strategy and tactics and applying it to their roles.

Aims to guide the Project tasks included:

  • It should be challenging and fun with imaginative options and variety and be different from the usual Outdoor Management Development programmes.
  • The team needs to be ultimately successful and the exercises must not be dependent on physical fitness.
  • There should be choice about involvement in physical and/or intellectual activity and that each should contribute equally to the outcome.
  • It must be a high quality exercise that involves co-operation rather than competition and the need to deliver a result together that depends on the contribution of the individuals and of sub-groups.

The Business Outcome
A re-focused team more reflective about their impact on the business and determined to continue the team development

Client Comments
It was a very successful programme. I think the balance of intellectual activity; teamwork and individual pursuit for the collective good was extremely good.

We are still discussing how to ‘take the team forward'.

I do believe it went very well and I can only hear positive reports.

Thank you for your efforts.

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