A case study in Talent development


...to move the organisation from a paternalistic culture enabling the latent talent to emerge

A European Drinks Company

Situation and needs
The company had recently appointed a new CEO after the board had been restructured following a long period of poor performance. ChangeMaker facilitated the CEO's new team in defining a clear vision and strategy for future success. The CEO and newly appointed HRVP had identified through this process that the company had a very paternalistic culture and management style. This was deemed as inappropriate for the market challenges that lay ahead. The organisation needed to change the culture to embrace and empower the latent talent necessary for success. They also needed to ensure that line management ‘owned the change' and were able to ‘walk the talk' as the organisation faced the ensuing challenges.

ChangeMaker introduced the CEO and the HRVP to the Lominger Career Architect* tools. We particularly focused on the Cultributes Architect. The Cultributes process enabled the CEO and the HRVP to describe the culture as it was, using a common set culture attributes, and how they needed it be for success. This enabled them to create a "now and after" profile and understand the gaps as skill deficiencies. ChangeMaker then took these results and translated it into the Lominger Competencies that will be:

  • Essential
  • Nice to have
  • Non essential

We then worked with the organisation on designing and delivering programmes that helped them on the road to their vision and culture change.

As we have progressed along this road with this client we have planned the use of a number of other Lominger Architect tools into our interventions.
We will be running a number of team development workshops using the Team Architect.
The HRVP needed to redefine the meaning of High Potential, in the past it was largely based on loyalty and service! We have introduced the HRVP to the Choices Architect which helps define high talent based on their performance and learning agility.

*Specialist ChangeMaker consultants are certified in the practice of Lominger Development Architect Suite™ tools.