A case study in Talent development


...When the organisation needs a global approach to identifying and developing talent

Global FMCG Organisation

Situation and Needs
The organisation had grown through rapid acquisitions in all geographical markets. Through this they had inherited many different cultures and ways of recognising and developing talent. The organisation needed a global approach to identifying and developing talent that provided managers at all levels with a common language that objectively provided a methodology for talent management. They need to do this quickly and in a way that enhanced but did not significantly change well established development processes.

Lominger's Career Architect Suite* was chosen, after approaching a number of suppliers, because of it's in depth research and the unique approach to describing skill in three dimensions of skilled, unskilled and overused. Lominger also provides researched remedies to help people develop each of the skills. The organisation was also impressed with the way the research had identified how skills are developed over the course of a career. This enabled them to use all 67 researched competencies with a focus on the ones that really mattered at the key stages of a line manager's career progression.

The competencies were organised into four career stages of:

Entry Level/Individual Contributor

First line Manager/Supervisor'


Senior Executive

This enabled the organisation to focus on developing critical and important skills at each career level. It also gave them clear indicators for recruitment and selection. Lominger has identified those skills that are in long supply and therefore become the price of entry to the organisation and those that are best developed in an organisation ‘on the job'. The Lominger research has enabled the organisation to remove the subjectivity and regional variance in describing the talent pool for succession planning decisions. 

The organisation introduced managers and employees to the Lominger tools through their annual appraisal and development process. This is an on-line tool. An agreement was reached with Lominger to load their development book FYI – "For Your Improvement" on to the system to enable line managers to use the material for each competency. They were amazed at how enthusiastically managers adopted the material and the new development language. As result the quality of development activities and people decisions have improved dramatically. The HR function has also been able to take advantage of the support tools in the Lominger Career Architect Suite. Their HR function also uses the Interview Architect to prepare for behaviour based interviews. They use Voices as their 360° Feedback tool and they use Choices as their Talent identification tool. The organisation is also using Lominger's Team Architect for team and organisation development interventions.
*Specialist ChangeMaker consultants are certified in the practise of Lominger Development Architect Suite™  tools.