A mini case study in Team Development


...accelerating the team building process in new teams

Henley Management College

The Opportunity
To work with Henley 's MBA students as they enter programmes; to select and build teams that will be assessed, in part, on joint team projects.

The Objective
To work in groups to enable the students to select their "learning teams" and then experience working together whilst absorbing techniques which will help them maintain these teams and perform well together in MBA assessments

Programme tasks include:

  • Ice-breakers
  • Team Discussions
  • Structured problem-solving exercises
  • Facilitated reviews
  • Leading-edge management theory input
  • Complex outdoor activities
  • Development of Learning Contracts
  • The Business Outcome
  • A reduction in management time caused by problem teams and dissatisfied individuals.

Project outcomes included:
Teams settle into working together more quickly and there are fewer complaints and subsequent changes than when teams were selected by the college and imposed on people.

Client Comments
" I would like to thank you for persevering with the team situation. Henley really does appreciate your commitment to getting a good job done. Your team did a very good job in trying circumstances"

"As ever you were totally professional and a pleasure to work with,

I will remember the techniques you used"

"The extra effort and guidance was a learning experience for me personally"