A mini case study in Organisation Development


...when you want to communicate messages to the whole work force team

Marley– New Year Kick-Off - "Customer First"

The Opportunity
To manage and run an event for the whole work force to communicate the new Values
The Business Objectives
To create a feeling of whole company involvement.

For the directors to work in front of a live audience to answer questions.

For people to experience the impact of working within the new organisational values.
Project tasks included:

  • Design of programme
  • Coaching of Directors in Presentation Skills
  • Development of 2 experiential exercises for large groups
  • Facilitating a Q & A session
  • Running the event 3 times within tight time-scale and for over 170 people each time.

The Business Outcome
Successful transmission of the Values

The human face of the directors seen by all

All levels from within business worked together and mixed socially
Project outcomes included:
Development of information action planning.

Hot issues identified for further work

All departments felt included this year: "not just sales!"

Statistics from post event evaluation
84% found the event interesting

86% thought the information was relevant

77% now have a better understanding of the Company's Actions

80% feel that similar events should be run

92% found the information easy to understand

80% enjoyed "Balloon Chaos" exercise

66% thought the "Triangles" exercise gave useful learning.