ChangeMaker are organising a Leadership Architect ®101 Workshop and Voices 360° Feedback Facilitating and a Coaching Workshop later in Autumn 2010.The workshops are open to any HR decision makers and new or potential users of Lominger’s Leadership Architect® Suite. If you consider whether it would be beneficial for you or one of your team members to attend, please see further details below.


Workshop Purpose:

An introduction to a comprehensive, integrated set of tools that give executives, managers and human resource professionals the ability to put research-based leadership and organisational development best practices into action. Leadership Architect® 101 establishes a common ‘competency’ language which is helpful in identifying the critical skills needed for individual and organisational success.

The workshop objectives are to:

  • Interpret the research behind the Leadership Architect® Suite – studies on experiential learning, derailment and development, and leveraging this information in your organisation.
  • Use the Leadership Architect® Competency Sort Cards to identify differentiating competencies critical for success across different job levels, create job profiles and individual assessments.
  • Set foundation for integrated, competency-based HR processes such as interviewing, feedback, development and succession planning, and translate them all back to individual development.
  • Assess and prioritise skill gaps between individuals and various job profiles.
  • Construct an aligned, competency-based, strategic HR program to provide the greatest value to your organisation.

The workshops result:

A common language and background to further develop/incorporate tools to manage your most important asset – your people. Armed with Leadership Architect® 101, you will be able to implement an array of competency based HR programmes and tools efficiently, effectively and with confidence.

Who should attend?

Practitioners who wish to learn more about competency based HR processes, the Leadership Architect® Library of tools, and those facilitating and implementing developmental processes in their organisation. The workshop is suitable for all levels.

Course Materials:

Lominger Leadership Architect Workshop Manual and Quick Reference Guide, Leadership Architect® Competency Sort Cards, FYI v.5 For Your Information, The Leadership Machine Book, Research and Interpretation Guides.


Workshop Purpose:

To understand and use Lominger’s research-based and experienced-tested solution for delivering 360° feedback that helps career-minded people to succeed. VOICES® uses Lominger International’s LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT ® Competencies and/or Career Stallers and Stoppers as the foundation by which important development plans are created.

The objectives are:

  • Discuss the theory, use the best practices for 360° feedback
  • Describe how learners and raters will use the VOICES® online survey system to provide feedback
  • Describe and accurately interpret a VOICES® feedback report
  • Provide coaching to feedback receivers at level one or better
  • Plan a learner feedback session
  • Help a learner determine priorities for near term and longer term performance improvement and career development
  • Implement a VOICES® program in your organisation that is aligned with competencies and HR Systems
  • Explore proven methods to implement a 360° Process in your organisation


Attendees will be equipped with the skill set and best practices needed for implementing VOICES®. You will be able to facilitate the entire 360° feedback process, thereby providing constructive and meaningful 360° feedback for all levels of your organisation.

Who should attend?

  • Practitioners who will provide 360° feedback and development planning in their organisations.
  • Professional coaches implementing the Lominger VOICES® tool, and other professionals involved with facilitating the feedback process.

Appropriate for all levels.

Please note that all applicants for the VOICES® 360° Certification Workshop must have previously attended a Leadership Architect® 101 Workshop on either the day before or on earlier occasion.

Additional Information:

The workshop also includes the opportunity to have feedback on your own VOICES® survey and this will be completed by raters in the weeks preceding the workshop.

Course Materials:

Sample VOICES® report with exercises and your own VOICES® report.

Registration Fees:

£995.00 plus VAT per workshop, which includes a one day workshop, all materials, refreshments and lunch. The fee is due and payable at the time of registration. Additional logistical details will be sent with the confirmation of your enrolment.

If you are interested in attending one or both of the workshops, please e-mail Helen Smith at or call Helen on +44 (0) 1451 812401 to register your interest. Please note that at this stage exact dates and location have not been decided.