Our Global Reach

Our Global Reach

Increasingly, companies are taking a global approach to business. They want the ability to deliver Learning and Development programmes consistently around the world but with a local flavour.

ChangeMaker takes a global view of performance improvement and we are experienced in developing and delivering projects in the most effective, local voice to ensure a common message and results. ChangeMaker adapts each programme to local culture, language and the unique business environment. Through working together we have developed a global network of facilitators and consultants, amongst the best in their field and culturally attuned to their own region.

ChangeMaker has associates and strategic partners in mainland Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia. We have delivered projects in France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Japan and Central Europe (and of course the UK) in local language.

We aim to stay ahead of the latest research and techniques and as a result, ChangeMaker consultants and our global colleagues are very familiar with worldwide trends in Performance Improvement and Human Resource Development.

We also coach individuals and groups in their own work place, helping them to identify the real issues, develop more open methods of communication and to look at more effective ways of working.

Because we know growing companies have distinctive needs ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We are systematic and disciplined. Our consultants have years of experience in helping companies build revenue or reduce costs. ChangeMaker has demonstrated expertise in a variety of disciplines and has experience in almost every industry. We use sound conceptual frameworks, reliable methods and pragmatic models. We work in partnership with our clients, and most importantly deliver as promised.