Developing team effectiveness

Exploring Leadership

You've just carried out an audit of your senior talent and you realise that there are large gaps in your succession plans. Those who you have identified for the future feel stuck in their roles. The business has been too busy to create development opportunities. You need to bring in new ideas from outside and you need to identify and develop your "home-grown" talent.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Perhaps you have a new chief executive and the business strategy is changing. Perhaps you have emerged from a merger or acquisition and you have identified the new leaders of the business. They need preparation for this new role, they need to be inspired by the new business direction and above all they need to be able to build relationships quickly and lead the changes.

You know where you want to get to….But you don't know how to get there.

Your organisation needs senior executives who can translate strategy and goals into an inspired vision of the future and communicate this through the business. They need to thrive in an environment of risk and uncertainty and courageously address conflict and barriers to organizational growth. Above all they need to lift their sights from "day-to-day" operational concerns and drive the empowerment of others to maximize results.

Choose ChangeMaker as your guide:

"I would have to admit to actually feeling sceptical about the course, probably just a re-hash, I thought. However, it was without doubt the best training experience of my career to date and a potential pivotal moment. Many thanks and congratulations to you at "ChangeMaker".Customer Marketing Director UK

"Thank you for organizing and running one of the best professional development programs I have ever attended. Your organizational skills at putting on a program that stimulates and challenges our leadership is impressive. This week was a tremendous opportunity to really focus on how we can be more effective leaders. It challenged me to really take an introspective look at my leadership tendencies and styles, those of others and most importantly how they affect getting the job done in the business in line with the values. I really felt like I came away with some great learnings to use every day".
Senior Director Packaging R&D North America

We have "hands-on" experience of working inside organisations at executive level and ExploringLeadership for our clients as Consultants and Coaches.

Let us join you on the journey, advise you on the route and help you navigate to your destination.


ChangeMaker operates around the globe; learning from different cultures in the process; then sharing our knowledge and experience in order to shift performance to the next level.

We believe in simplifying the complex, challenging the norms and enabling people to learn from real life situations so that they deliver tangible, pragmatic results for themselves and your organisation.

We have a proven track record of developing international delivery teams for major projects, this creates a cultural sensitivity and a unique diversity of approaches to satisfy a range of learning styles, to inspire a variety of personalities and deliver practical, useful output, that can be immediately applied.