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Sorry couldn’t avoid the pun in the title. The latest ThoughtPiece (see below) will explain my sense of humour!

We have some fantastic news to build on the announcement in the last UpDate about the new partners in ChangeMaker. Our aim is to grow the business at a faster pace and we are starting to make it happen!

Our focus is upon supporting our clients with major Growth, Transformation & Change and two recently initiated projects epitomise this:

  • One in the rapid growth, emerging markets of Eastern Europe (an all employee project with GM)
  • The second involves a series of interventions at different levels for Maersk India

Our project in China continues strongly; we recently delivered a Coaching module for 70 participants and in June (the temperature hit 40°C at one point in an outdoor exercise!) kicked off the third intake of the Lhotse Programme series with a “Leading and Teams” module.

There are some problems attached to doing well. We have just received the internal evaluation scores for these recent programmes and as our client puts it:

"The satisfaction for 06 Batch Coaching module is 4.2 and for 07 Batch Module1 overall score of 4.3 is better than the average level, so it's a good job for ChangeMaker. The score is considered as a reference in the future".

The Maersk Projects could not happen without the hard working facilitation team. Our thanks to: Pete Robinson, Rob Goode, Norman Brett, Sharon Horne, David Dobedoe, Toby Andreassen.

In support of all this active work for clients we are proud to announce our latest foray into the press. Chris has just had a major article on Change accepted by the Public Sector Executive publication. It is entitled:

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Change
The original version is now available as our ThoughtPiece 6 (click here)

If this article whets your appetite we have a few copies of our (59cm x 42cm) ChangeWallchart to give away.

So if you would like a copy please let us know. Contact:


Would you like:

  • Fresh perspectives?
  • Personal inspiration?
  • Time to think?
  • Clarity, focus and alignment?

Our autumn Warrior School is ready for launch.

We will be in touch over the next few weeks to let you know all about it



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