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2007 | Issue 12 | Christmas

A warm welcome to our Christmas edition of UpDate wishing you all the best for the holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

We want to thank you and to celebrate all the good things that have happened this year. Although once again we have chosen not to send individual Christmas Cards to all our clients, friends and associates this doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your custom, your friendship or all your hard work on our behalf.

One of our proudest achievements in the second half of this year has been to design and run a demanding project, for General Motors in Central and Eastern Europe, against a very tight timetable. The PACER Programme was conceived as an organisational development and internal communication programme specifically designed for all GM CEE employees to attend. It’s hard to summarise the scope of this project; so to stay with the seasonal theme – here is our version of the 12 Days of Christmas:

1 Train The Trainer event
2 High Ropes Activities
3 Course Directors
4 sided "Spider’s Web"
5 months from design to last programme
6 nationalities of ChangeMaker facilitators
10 Facilitators
12 PACER Programmes
20+ Countries in the region participating
800 delegates

There is a more detailed Case Study on our website


One of our Clients in China who is also trained in Traditional Medicine was recently explaining to me how he believes that an effective OD approach is like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Perhaps this is also reflected in some feedback we received recently from nearer to home in Ireland?

"The best coaches are those that achieve insight and results without direct intervention or manipulation.
To develop a part of the body while looking after the well being of the whole is neither a science nor an art form
- it’s a gift.
Both these qualities are to be found in abundance with ChangeMaker and its enthusiastic team. I have grown personally and seen my team flourish through team and personal coaching sessions - the best 100 days ever!"

Alan Hall - Director of Service for BT Ireland

Welcome to Dr ChangeMaker!


2007 has been a very special year for us. In May we merged the 3 ChangeMaker businesses and Cathy Rowbottom joined us as Business Development Director. This has meant we have all been able to focus on doing the things we enjoy and are really good at. The business has grown measurably; we have been able to extend our work into new areas with
long-standing clients and with a specialist concentrating on developing new business we are working with a number of new customers too.


We are now regularly appearing in print with 2 of our latest lead articles being:

TJ (Training Journal) December 2007
Teams v Communities by Chris Howe.
This is our ThoughtPiece number 7

Human Resource Management-International Digest Volume 15 Number 7 2007
Maersk in China builds talent pipeline to meet challenge of rapid growth
by Andy Neal
Read the Case Study on our website

And best wishes from the ChangeMaker Team Andy, Cath, Cathy, Chris, Colin, David, Julie





meet the team

On a very sunny day near Budapest.
Thanks Guys for a great job!



Happy New Year



Tempting though it was at this time of year to put a Santa hat on Cathy I resisted the temptation.
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