Changemaker Update

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The update

We are communicating with our current and prospective customers in a number of new ways so we thought we would bring this edition of our UpDate in line with this new style so you can see for yourself.

In challenging business times it is more important than ever that leaders work together to drive performance and ensure sustainability. We are offering a number of solutions and approaches that make the most of our team facilitation skills to help our customers. We have called this the ChangeMaker Survival Kit. As part of this we are offering a complimentary workshop and a series of articles containing practical advice. Click on the bottle to find out more:


Our newly designed and more interactive website is up and running:

You will notice that we have also started a Blog, which Chris is writing, to get some lively debate going about relevant issues. His current piece looks at How to retain the talent from Generation Y in your organisations, when their aspirations and willingness to move around are very different from other generations.

For those of you who like to keep up to date with the ChangeMaker news:

  • You are likely to hear a new voice at the end of the phone. We would like to offer a warm welcome to Helen Smith who joins the team in the office. Helen has just moved to the area from Cambridge, where she was a Group Manager for an International Examinations board.
  • Don't be confused if you hear from Cathy Lawson as congratulations are due on the marriage of Cathy Rowbottom to Phil.
  • David has been delivering for clients in Japan and apparently at hotel breakfast time overhearing (what is the collective noun for) a bunch of Formula 1 motor racing journalists engaged in a fascinating insider debate on Massa's, Bourdais' and Hamilton's latest incidents. The rest is unprintable!
  • Chris has been in China developing work with new clients and building relationships to support our delivery in Asia.
  • A DiscoveryLearning programme to Kenya goes out in November to investigate how the Maasai have managed to build "an inspired and sustainable organisation" If you would like to know more click here


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