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This is a special edition of UpDate to wish you a great time over the holidays and a safe entry into 2006.

We would like to thank all our customers for letting us have a hand in the changes you are making in your businesses and a big thanks to all our associates for helping us to make a difference for lots of people. We’ve run 167 events ranging from a few hours to 7 days, for over 34 clients with the support of nearly 20 associates and 2 strategic business partners. We’ve worked in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Dubai, China, Tanzania, Kenya, USA. So we’re looking forward to a rest over Christmas.

Chris came back from his DiscoveryLearning trip to Tanzania inspired (amongst other things) by the vision and leadership of a schoolteacher in the village of Piaya.

(For pictures and to read more about this please click through to our web-site)

As we talked about what we should do this Christmas that might be more meaningful and long term than the usual cards we decided to invest our budget for sending cards in making a donation that might make a difference.

We are working with our contacts in Tanzania to select the right school and the right projects for our support but we have already started to take action:

  • The money that we have not spent on Christmas Cards and postage will go towards the project.
  • At a recent Maasai Masterclass speech to Worcester and Malvern chapter of the Association of Project Managers, the participants kindly collected £100 for the project.
  • 50% of the revenue collected from sales of the Maasai Masterclass CD will go to this project.



2005 | Issue 5 | Christmas


david whipp

To check out what he’s bringing you this year contact:


We will continue to find new and innovative ways to help. We hope to offer practical assistance in the future but for the moment donations help to make considerable progress.

We will keep you informed of this progress through our Newsletters and should you wish to join us in anyway, all help will be gratefully accepted!

This is our Christmas Card for 2005. We hope you approve of the change in approach.

So now for that rest. We’ll see you in the New Year.


Best wishes from the ChangeMaker team

Chris Howe, Andy Neal, Colin Done, Julie Smith, Cath Murphy, David Whipp