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EATING HUMBLE PIE? Some scattered thoughts

The key qualities of a Maasai Warrior are Courage, Humility, Confidence, Responsibility and Pride. Not that different from many sets of corporate values that we see published these days. Perhaps the one that stands out, that seems somewhat out of place in our assertive world is “Humility”?

And yet we have recently experienced one of our clients introducing a new value of “Humbleness”.

One of the most influential competency–based research libraries in the world has described a new competence of “Humility” to add to their already extensive list of key factors for success in international organisations. It is, however, interesting that this comes out of research in Asia and Northern Europe and it is questioned whether it should apply the further South or West you go!

One dictionary definition of humble is: “having a low opinion of oneself or of one’s claims”. Should this be a warning to us to say we may not always be right? To take a reality check on our opinions?

Our client defines “Humbleness” as “putting We before I” and developing a “culture of continuous learning” rather than thinking you know all the answers and don’t need any more training.

The Catch-22 of humility?: “It is difficult to be humble. Even if you aim at humility, there is no guarantee that when you have attained the state you will not be proud of the feat.”
(Bonamy Dobrée)

And yes back to eating humble-pie. We have a copy of “100 Best People Practices for Managers & HR” by Lombardo,Eichinger and Ulrich to give away. So if you are not too modest with your knowledge please let us know the derivation of the saying “to eat humble pie” and this useful book is yours.

The Warrior Culture in Business To find out more about this January’s “In Search of Inspiration – Warrior School” expedition to Kenya. Click Here. Link to the insearch of inspiration piece. We will shortly be issuing invitations to the 2007 events in China and Africa.

LATEST NEWS We are extending our influence across new organisations and in new locations:

  • Andy has been in Budapest facilitating Eastern Europe strategy development work for a client in the automotive industry.
  • David has extended our business to India where we start a major leadership development project in June.
  • In Shanghai, Cath delivered an HR strategy workshop for the Greater China HR team of a pharmaceutical industry client
  • Colin is running a management skills development programme for a construction industry project management business.
  • We have developed a range of TA based behavioural skills workshops with a defence industry client.
  • Chris is delivering a change programme for the board of one of the UK’s major retail chains.

Change doesn’t only happen to clients. Our new business opportunities are creating new challenges for ChangeMaker. We are currently reviewing our operation and will be making some exciting announcements soon…………… this space!


2007 | Issue 9 | March


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