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Andy Neal

Andy Neal

A UK pioneer in the use of experiential learning for management development in the outdoor environment, Andy has maintained his enthusiasm for innovative learning methods and translated this to a successful career as consultant and facilitator to businesses undergoing change. He has 30 years experience as a trainer and consultant and 20 years leading a successful business.

Andy works with executives to help them evolve their people and behaviour strategies, to develop group and individual process and to create culture change and coaching initiatives. He works with senior teams to resolve process issues that hinder the business strategy, and with senior leaders developing their skills. This often involves the design of complex exercises to meet specific client needs. Andy retains a keen interest in the sensitive use of challenging activities through an Experiential Learning style and an innovative approach. He blends his style of operation with other techniques of group and personal process facilitation. He likes learning to be fun, making change happen by simplifying the complex, challenging the norms and enabling people to learn from real life situations so that they deliver tangible, pragmatic results for themselves and their organisation.

Andy is currently managing the delivery of an all employee awareness and business growth programme for General Motors in Central and Eastern Europe and is involved in the design of a global senior executive leadership course for another major international organisation. Recent work includes design and delivery of a major talent development project in China and India for a Global shipping company, and the development and rollout of a Pan-European Coaching Initiative. Since the year 2000 Andy has also led a global Senior Leadership Programme which has influenced more than 200 leaders. He believes in developing long-term relationships by careful consultation within organisations in order to deliver accurately focused and individual training rather than a formulaic approach. Andy is a member of the Association for Management Education and Development and the Association for Experiential Education and has worked throughout the UK and Europe, in Australia, China, India, Indonesia and the USA. He is a visiting tutor with Henley Management College in the UK and has worked in partnership with Saturn Consulting Services from the United States.

A qualified teacher, Andy started his career in Training and Development in 1975 working for one of the founder members of the "Development Training" industry. These were exciting years for the exploration of the use of the outdoors as a medium for personal and management development. As one of the forerunners of this movement in the UK, he set up his own business in 1982 to further this unique approach. By the year 2002 Andy and a colleague had been working together successfully on global projects for 8 years, and so it seemed natural to join a business specialising in personal growth, with one that specialised in organisational change to create ChangeMaker International.

Andy is a Francophile attempting to drag his ability in the French language beyond his grammar school mutterings. He enjoys wine and has a passion for food, both the cooking and the eating of it! He spends his spare time in the mountains walking in the summer and skiing in the winter. He enjoys off-piste skiing and spends some time each year heli-skiing in Canada.