Research and Application

Research and Application

We are firm supporters of the 70-20-10 approach to development and consciously design our contributions to ensure that the learning gets embedded through practice, review and application. Research and experience shows that 10% of development is achieved from courses, conferences and readings, 20% from learning from others and 70% from on the job experiences.

Source: The Leadership Machine by Lombardo & Eichinger: ISBN 0-9655712-6-2:

Job experiences

Our unique approach: We bring the 70% into the training room!

We build this development intensity into our programmes by working with small groups, combining syndicate working, team activities, presentations (normally delivered interactively), challenges and real-life situations brought by the delegates. Also included are case studies based on real businesses and those provided by the client's senior leaders. Through assignments, post-programme projects and reviews the learning takes place well beyond the 'class-room.'