Succession and Talent Management

Succession & Talent Management

Strategic Effectiveness Capabilities

Our Master Associate status with Lominger International enables ChangeMaker to employ the Strategic Effectiveness Architect™ a uniquely researched tool to help your organisation understand the mission critical capabilities for achieving your strategies.

There are 3 stages to the process

  • Identify the mission critical capabilities
  • Understand the status of your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Apply development remedies to the identified mission critical weaknesses.

Our facilitation approach guides you through the process, supports the implementation of the outcomes and can certify appropriate internal facilitators for future independent use within your organisation.

Succession Planning

We can help identify and calibrate your potential talent, develop an organisational pipeline and the processes to manage your talent development. Our approach differentiates talent capability using leading edge research and tools and processes built using this data.

For large organisations our recommended route is to act as an associate of Korn/Ferry Lominger to facilitate the implementation in your organisation of a suite of talent and succession tools.

Talent Identification

Learning Agility is the ability to learn how to deal effectively with first time situations or changing conditions. It is the most important factor in objectively identifying high potential to build your talent pool.

Our Master Associate status with Lominger International means that we can use their "Choices"™ tool to identify those with high "Learning Agility" and therefore high potential in your organisation.

For those with high potential but areas of "Learning Agility" that need developing we can access a library of "development remedies" that can be used.

Competency Development

Competency based human resource processes are the critical building blocks in talent development and creating a sustainable leadership pipeline. Competencies can be used in

  • Performance management and development processes
  • The application of 360° multi-rater assessment (VOICES™)
  • For interviewing, recruitment and selection
  • For development at each career stage.

Through our relationship with Lominger International we can help identify the competitive edge competencies that an organisation needs to be successful in its marketplace. Using the Lominger Leadership Architect™ suite we work with clients to create a tailored competency framework for the organisation as a whole, for functions for jobs and for individuals.

A number of our associates have been certified to deliver these tools and furthermore we are able to certify HR and line managers in the use of the various supporting tools to provide continuing consistent application.