Team Development

Team Development

You've got a team that isn't performing too well. Maybe a team bonding event would be good. Perhaps an evening of Go Karting or something else that would be fun, lift the mood and smooth over the issues? Would they actually start treating each other with a new found respect? Perhaps you feel that the problem requires something more robust. A couple of days team building in a nice location or hiking across the moors. Of course it would be fun for most but what would really change as a result?

Does this sound all too familiar?

You seem to be the only one doing any of the strategic thinking, whilst everyone else seems to focus on day-to-day crises and operational issues. They all seem to be operating in silos and not working together, sharing ideas or best practice. There appears to be little or no appreciation or understanding of the value of operating as a team and how this will achieve greater results. There is a lack of consistent behaviour and the team does not present itself as a united front to the rest of the organisation. People seem to enjoy back biting and gossiping instead of communicating openly and honestly with each other. There is a lack of respect and tolerance of difference and hence a difficultly in resolving conflict and problems as they occur. Strong characters seem to dominate the team. Or perhaps this is a newly formed team with new people that hasn't yet formed productive effective relationships.


Your away-day/team bonding approach may have some success. It might just work, but will a couple of days really change behaviours that have built up over time? Will your team really be open and honest with each other? Will you really get a return on your investment? Is it worth the risk?

We have some proven alternatives.

Choose ChangeMaker as your guide:

"Your real value came in the development of the board directors. Your insightful professional business approach brought balance, perspective and counsel to the team. You strengthened our relationships with each other and enhanced our team dynamics to the greater good of the organisation. - "You really made a difference" Diane Martyn
Managing Director
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Our experienced team has worked with and been part of many Dysfunctional Teams in organisations.

"When you've been part of a problem that has been solved then it's easier to help others with a solution"

Our simple proven and tested route map has 4 key places to visit on the journey.