A case study in Leadership development


At the most senior end of the organization.

Kraft International


200 High Potential managers already in senior positions around the globe were identified. The criteria? That they would be in a position to take the business to its next stage of development. Around 25 people were selected for each programme, a mix of functions, nationalities, and regional bases, supporting the "one-company" aspect of the corporate mission. ChangeMaker has been involved in the design, development and delivery of 8 programmes.

ChangeMaker was selected as a partner for this programme as a result of a long history of work with Kraft in the UK and Europe, principally in delivering customised team development events, "Leading and Performing in Teams" programmes and Coaching Skills. ChangeMaker has been involved in the design, development and delivery of Part 2.

In SLP Part 1 the aim is to establish ‘One Company', an understanding of the knowledge and support that is available globally and to create high levels of motivation amongst the participants.

Part 1 focuses on the development of Leadership through business processes and innovations. It is run in the USA , with visits from top executives and leading "management thinkers" and practical sessions at different Head Office locations and R&D establishments. The output includes a series of suggestions from work teams that are disseminated through the organisation and worked on as projects at top levels within the different parts of the business.

Part 2 Program design focuses on building leadership and teamwork capabilities in executional excellence

Part 2 is focused on the personal aspects of leadership and teamwork and especially on the differences between task management and creating inspiration as a leader. This part of the programme is run in Europe, in and near Barcelona . The style is experiential and relies on the approach of "Challenge by Choice" Over the full five days the activities are carried out in groups with the emphasis on support and challenge within the working team. The final activity involves the groups co-operating and combining all their learning in a large group exercise. Throughout, the participants receive constructive feedback from their team members and are encouraged to book 1:1 coaching time with their facilitator. The main output from Part 2 is a detailed personal Action Plan, which focuses on the key areas of feedback the participant has received from peers and facilitators.