Change and Transformation

Change & Transformation

Organisational Change

Organisational Change is often the goal of our projects. We may provide consultancy to lead a change programme or we may help to develop a programme of behavioural change which will shape the organisations future in a more subtle way.

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Engagement is the goal of many change programmes. The journey from Denial to Commitment needs care and communication. We do not administer large engagement surveys but our projects are designed to harness the resources in the organisation, deliver clear messages and leave people with an understanding of their contribution to the corporate goals.

Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Speaking Chris Howe is Chief Executive of ChangeMaker and a member of the Professional Speakers Association. He has drawn from his experiences whilst facilitating and delivering Discovery Learning around the globe and translated them into a series of accessible, motivating and inspirational speeches that provide an insight into this exciting world and which can inspire large numbers of people as part of your conference, team meeting, launch-event or presentation dinner.

"Unleashing the Potential of Your People"

Research shows that organisations are on average accessing consistently only 35% of the Talent, Potential, Energy, Enthusiasm and Passion of their employees. The costs to the UK economy alone are calculated to be between £37 and £39 billion per annum.

Imagine having to explain to your shareholders why you are effectively wasting 65% of their investment in your employee salary and benefits packages and also a higher than necessary loss of talent out of your business together with the consequent expense of recruitment.

This speech does not waste your time exploring to causes of this massive waste but rather gives you so simple, powerful and pragmatic tools to reduce that waste.

"Barriers to Change"

As will all know, change is perhaps the greatest if only constant in the modern business environment. Whilst all companies invest huge sums each year trying to implement changes, only a few achieve the return on investment that they were expecting, and some spiral gently into decline on a wave of change initiatives.

What makes the difference between the "winners" and "losers"? What can you do to increase the return on the investments that you cannot avoid making?

This speech will help you better understand why you keep bumping into the Barriers to Change and breakthrough to a new way of thinking about change and the benefits that you will achieve.

"Values that Drive Decisions"

Do use your organisational values as a behavioural contract with your employees or as a decision-making framework for the organisation?

The majority of organisations do the former and yet those that do the latter actually find that their values come to life and enhance their business, in terms of growth, customer loyalty, employee retention and ultimately profitability.

You will learn how to use your values as a decision-making framework as well as acquiring some simple and practical tools and techniques to bring your values to life in a vibrant and sustainable manner.

"The Maasai Masterclass and Workshop"

The Maasai have been described as the Original Learning Organisation and it is characteristic that has allowed them to sustain their culture of Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Pride and Humility.

They must be doing something right because they have existed for longer than the combined age of all of the companies in the FTSE 100 and the Fortune 500, so what can you learn from them that will help you to create a sustainable and inspired organisation, in which individuals demonstrate incredible levels of responsibility and draw great pride from being a part of your business.

Available as a 1 hour keynote speech, a half or one day workshop, or for those who really want to learn from the experts, a five day journey of leadership discovery to Kenya.