A case study in Talent development


...When the organisation needs to establish a pool of talent that will develop future growth in a declining market

A National Office Staff Recruitment Company

Situation and Needs
The company had very successfully completed a turnaround after years of declining performance.  The turnaround focus was on cost controls, systems, centralisation and developing a strategy for competitive difference. The Managing Director now needed to establish a pool of talent that would develop future growth in a very competitive but declining market. Talent is key to achieving this.

ChangeMaker introduced the Managing Director to the Lominger Career Architect* tools.  The MD was immediately impressed by the hands on user friendly design of the tools.  ChangeMaker guided the MD through a series of exercises using the Lominger tools to help define mission critical skills for Branch Managers, Regional Managers and the MD's own Director Team.

Through these exercises the MD had a clear idea of the skills that were critical for each key role within the organisation. The MD was also able to make an assessment of the current job-holders competence and development needs. This has resulted in focused development plans for each of the Directors following 360° feedback through the Voices tools. A leadership development program has also been designed for the Regional and Branch Managers as well as clear criteria for succession planning. Some employees have also been re-deployed in roles more suited to their skills.

*Specialist ChangeMaker consultants are certified in the practise of Lominger Development Architect Suite™  tools.