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We forewarned you last edition of some imminent changes. We are now pleased to make the official announcement of the new dimension added to ChangeMaker:

It was a big decision for Chris and Andy to change our way of working after the last few successful years but it became clear that if we wanted to continue to develop the depth and quality of what we offer to our clients we needed to extend our range of core competencies. We talk a lot about “comfort-zones” and the “challenge of change”. We too, needed to be bold if things were to change. If we wanted different results; we needed to take our own advice!

"If you always do what you’ve always done…………….you’ll always get what you’ve always got!"

Working closely with David and Cath for the last couple of years we have seen the benefits to clients of working even closer together and are now fully integrating our 3 businesses under the main umbrella of ChangeMaker International.

We are also pleased to welcome Cathy Rowbottom, former principal of Maestro People Development who brings her business into the family. Cathy joins as director responsible for New Business Development. Her appointment is based on a passion for selling coupled with 14 years experience of working with multi-national organisations, identifying training and development needs and designing and delivering solutions.  This is supported by a strong foundation of expertise in key behavioural areas that form the core of ChangeMaker’s portfolio, including Emotional Intelligence, personal development and coaching.

And just to remind you:

David Whipp has a strong commercial background derived from more than 20 years of international experience in the FMCG sector. He brings in-depth knowledge of strategic organisation development, talent & succession planning and practical experience in executive and senior team development. He is a Master Associate of Lominger International which is a world leader in the application of competency based systems in corporations.

Cath Murphy is a highly commercial, international HR leader experienced in working with executive teams on strategic Human Resource and Organisation Development issues to enable major business transformation. Cath has 25 years experience in the global technology, finance and business information sectors. Her role as a specialist consultant and executive coach creates sustainable change through people; from a starting point in the HR strategy through to implementation in the organisation.

ChangeMaker Leadership Performance Ltd and ChangeMaker Consulting Ltd are now fully integrated into Changemaker International.

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Imagine my dismay when Gordon Ramsay chose to publish the paperback version of his autobiography of the same name just as we announced our Humble Pie competition.

However undaunted we went ahead and now we are proud to announce the winners:
Ruth Newton Jones of Dior and Geoff Alun-Jones of Cox’s Yard.
Oh yes and what is – “to eat humble pie”?

Act submissively and apologetically, especially in admitting an error.
In the USA, since the mid 19th century, anyone who had occasion to 'eat his words' by humiliatingly recanting something would be said to 'eat crow' (previously 'eat boiled crow'). In the UK we 'eat humble pie'. The unpalatability of crow, boiled or otherwise, seems clear, but what about humble pie?

In the 14th century, the numbles was the name given to the heart, liver, entrails etc. of animals, especially of deer - what we now call offal or lights. By the 15th century this had migrated to umbles. There are many references to both words in Old English and Middle English texts from 1330 onward. Umbles were used as an ingredient in pies, although the first record of 'umble pie' in print is as late as the 17th century. Samuel Pepys makes many references to such pies in

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The results of our
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