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To use the journalists phrase for a news-quiet summer, as they struggle to find worthy items to fill the pages and air-waves. Well I guess the last few months have been a bit of a silly-season for us in ChangeMaker. No it’s not to do with one-legged dogs swimming the channel in fancy dress! I guess what I’m doing is making an excuse for the gap of 5 months since the last UpDate. We’ve been very busy with long periods abroad for clients, Russia and China, Poland, Denmark and Spain figuring strongly here. Back at home, to create a single point of contact, we have consolidated all our administration at our offices in Wiltshire and we are engaging PR support for our marketing activities. We are working even more closely with our partner organisations ChangeMaker Consulting and ChangeMaker Leadership Performance (see the latest ThoughtPiece). We’ll try to make the gap between UpDates a little shorter in future as we enter what we hope will be a sensible autumn!

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The Case for Competencies

The Lominger Forum 2006

Discovery Learning


2006 | Issue 7 | Oct


These newly recruited members of our team will be running a bamboo rafting exercise on the Yulong River in Southern China in our Leadership Excellence module for a client in October!

Interested in finding out more about ChangeMaker’s experience of working in China?

Andy or David will be delighted to chat it through with you: or +44 (0) 1249 890253

The Case for Competencies

The current ThoughtPiece on our web-site takes a look at one of the critical differentiators in organisational performance and answers the question:

“Why do some companies outperform their return to shareholders by 22%?”

Research has found that Companies in the top 20% of talent management practices outperform their industries ‘mean’ return to shareholders by 22 percentage points.  The significant common-factor? Many of these companies are using Competency frameworks as the foundation of their talent management practices. As one example The Lominger Leadership Architect Competencies are currently being used by nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies and over 13,000 customers in 63 Countries.

What do typical Senior Managers & Executives look like?

Lominger’s research is continuous; the data is augmented by customers using the competencies in their own 360° surveys and the validity grows and provides new insights. Here is a list of 12 competencies for successful executives:5 they tend to be good at and 7 of them are what senior people tend to be worst at. Try our quiz to see if you can correctly identify the top 5 and the bottom 7 with prizes for the first and second correct submissions.

Have a look at our ThoughtPiece
Have a go at the Competency Quiz


If you would like to learn more about how your organisation could use competencies and their derivative application tools you are invited to attend:
The Lominger 2006 UK Forum and Certification Event
at the Institute of Directors in Reading; October 9th–11th.  The Forum is for prospective and existing users.  It features presentations on the latest research, including a new researched application for Succession Planning.  It also includes User Presentations and four Certification Workshops on Lominger’s Leadership Architect (Using Competencies), Lominger’s Voices 360° Competencies Survey, the Choices Architect for identifying and developing High Potentials and Team Architect for Team Development.

Please click on the links below to obtain more details or complete a booking form.

For more Lominger 2006 Forum Information

For on line booking:









ChangeMaker in the media

We hope that we could never be accused of being shrinking violets and since so many of our clients are kind enough to suggest that we have a different, novel and refreshing approach to what we do, we have decided to flaunt it a little.  To that end we are working with a PR agency, Westgate Communications to see if we can influence even more people.  So look out for us in the media.

STOP PRESS………We have just heard that we will be published in CXO Europe (a publication for chief executives and people of a similar level) in September explaining why executive boardrooms around the world are now placing strategy implementation high on their corporate agendas.





An African Update

As a result of Chris’s trips to Africa running our Discovery Learning Programme we have become interested in promoting sustainable learning and development projects for African children. On one of his trips to Kenya, Chris met Ben Mshila who was, at that time, working in HR for General Motors Kenya.  Ben was recently in New York to launch a book called “Lightbox” which has been created by teenage girls from Kibera a very large slum area in Nairobi, featured in “The Constant Gardner”. LightBox is comprised entirely of photographs taken and essays written by the girls and 100% of proceeds support The Binti Pamoja Center Scholarship Fund, which helps these girls attend high school. With your donation for three copies of LightBox, you can personally fund a one-year scholarship and get a stunning book into the bargain.  You can’t buy this book in a bookshop but you can check it out and buy it at

Whilst on the african theme you may be interested to know. that Following our Highly sucessful Discovery Learning event in February 06  we are pleased to announce that Chris will be taking further groups in 2007.

For further details about this unique Discovery Learning Event please click the below link:

Discovery Learning