Developing Talent

Developing Talent

Your business is growing rapidly and you realise that there are gaps in your talent pipeline. You want high potentials to be identified, retained and consistently developed to higher level of management within the organisation. Equally important, you believe that the fostering of managers with high potential, creating future leaders, requires carefully designed development tools and long-term nurturing.

Does this sound all too familiar?

You want a committing long-term programme, that people will be proud to join. You want it to deal with real work issues and not theoretical situations. You want to engage your senior managers as sponsors and champions of development. You want project based elements that will derive real benefits for the business. You need to foster a balanced leadership approach; strong on strategic awareness, customer focus, people skills, communication, driving results and innovation.

You know where you want to get to….But you don't know how to get there.

Your responsibility is to identify, retain and develop people with high potential so that you can provide sufficient future leaders to meet the organisation‘s projections. You may need to align with a global talent development programme and ensure that leadership competencies and management skills are developed within an existing framework.
Programmes in the past have been traditional business school style of - chalk and talk? and you are determined to engage your future talent in more relevant business focused and experiential development. Targeted and sponsored projects will help them in their current positions and help you to identify your High Potentials for further advancement.

Choose ChangeMaker as your guide:

We will coach you through the journey in line with your vision and values and your business strategy.

"We simplify the complex, challenging the norms and enable people to learn from real life situations so that they deliver tangible, pragmatic results for themselves and your organisation. We enjoy building long term relationships based on really understanding your organisation, your teams and your individuals and then designing creative solutions that deliver sustainable results." FMCG Vice President

Our style models "best coaching practice".

"You have been a very easy business to work with; you do what you say with no fuss - simple! It was hugely relevant, plain English, structured and very enjoyable. There are many things that I will be doing differently as a result" S Jeffs
Leadership and Development Consultant HR Specialist Practice
Barclays Bank

Our DevelopingTalent programme can be targeted at different levels within your organisation. Appropriate challenging projects are created with in-company sponsors and because the approach is experiential participants work at their own level, with their own issues. ChangeMaker facilitators are chosen for their relevant business experience and subject expertise.


DevelopingTalent programme

There are 5 modules each of 3 or 4 days duration

We have a well developed logic for the order of the Modules but they can be delivered in the sequence that best suits your objectives.

Leading the Team

Program Orientation, Learning Teams
Learning & Belbin Team styles
Action Centred Leadership
Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development
Kouses and Posner’s Inspirational Leadership
Kotter and Humble’s 5 Basic Needs
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Prep for Module 2 – Running Virtual Teams, 360° Survey and Meeting Your Mentor.

Coaching for Success

Feedback skills and application
Listening and Questioning skills
Understanding Behaviour
Coaching skills and practice
Skills development sessions using multiple feedback
Empowerment and Delegation
Action Planning - 360° Survey Output
Development of 2-3 Critical Competencies
Debriefing your Manager and Direct Reports

Developing Human Resources

Talent Management mindset and skills
People Development skills and applications
Performance Management
Developing Potential
Succession Planning
Reward and Recognition
HR Practices – Return on Investment

Changing for Excellence

Change Management responsibilities
Change Management tools
Continuous Improvement mindset
Practice the Tools on Business Sponsored Challenges
The Change Transition Grid – ‘The Heart of Change’
Developing Networks
Low hanging Fruit Concept
Cross Functional Collaboration

Achieving Business Excellence and Graduation

Business and Strategy Development Process – Opportunity/Problem Framing
External/Internal Analysis – Data ‘Synthesizing and Insighting’
Setting Stretching Objectives & Creating Winning Strategies
Sponsored Project Briefings then Practice on the Challenges using the Process