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Chris Howe

Chris Howe

An inspirational presenter to conferences, a challenging facilitator of leadership groups, experienced transformation consultant and executive coach. Chris prefers to be known as a change maker!

In all of his work Chris has one goal for his clients – to help them to establish an Inspired and Sustainable organisation. His approach is based on a clear belief that business is fundamentally simple; it is merely complicated by fear and ego. If you can remove these barriers then incredible things will happen. Chris's role has often been to work with the Board to help them establish a future direction or with a senior executive team that has already established a direction and now needs help to determine the best means of implementation. He is currently sitting on an international expert committee sponsored by the UN exploring Management Development strategies for the International Atomic Energy Authority.

In 20 years of Consulting Chris has worked with organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries. Some of them have been local and many have been global. Some have been struggling to reverse a trend of decline whilst others have been grappling to control the pains of rapid growth. As a Professional Speaker Chris has addressed a wide range of audiences across the globe. His frequent travels to Africa have led to the development of a thought provoking keynote speech: "Masai Masterclass – Succeeding in a Hostile Environment". Another popular motivational presentation is "Values Driving Decisions" which focuses on organisational culture and the impact on the individual. In 2007 the other ChangeMaker stakeholders asked Chris to assume the role of Chief Executive.

His varied experience has led to the conclusion that people really value the lessons that they learn for themselves. It is very easy to sit back and be entertained by a brilliant speaker but it often has limited business value. If however people work to discover things for themselves they value the knowledge and truly wish to apply it. For these reasons, Chris designs all of his work around the concepts of Discovery and Experiential Learning. He believes that his role is to ask simple but well crafted questions in order to help people identify the real issues that they face. He commonly challenges executives to think of the people that work in their business: "What percentage of their Talent, Potential, Energy, Enthusiasm and Passion do you consistently engage every day?" The majority respond with an answer in the region of 35% which surely exposes the real leadership challenge of today!

Chris's early career involved 9 years with IBM, in a variety of sales and management positions. He then joined the major Wall Street Investment Bank Salomon Brothers in a broader managerial role, to help restructure their business for the dramatic changes that impacted the financial markets at that time. In 1989 Chris was inspired to take his experience of change management and use it to help a wider variety of companies adapt to the ever more competitive business environment. In the late 90's he was responsible for driving the "Saab Way" Global change project and also taking on the UK role for an international training organisation. Looking to develop the breadth of the business he later joined forces with Andy Neal to create ChangeMaker and the rest as they say…………………..

His style is sincere and professional but humorous, and he is often called upon to open or close company conferences, to inject energy and motivation when it is most needed, and to challenge the paradigms that limit performance.
When not working Chris can be found enjoying motorbikes, cars, and rock and roll music.