Changemaker Team

Inka Kretschmer (German, English and Chinese)

Inka Kretschmer

A multi-lingual international facilitator and coach with a background in journalism and TV who brings clarity to complicated concepts and an understanding of differences in cultures gained from her global experiences.

Inka works as a facilitator supporting businesses in the areas of process improvement and change management to clarify objectives and outline and deliver performance improvement initiatives. She also supports client's organisations in the role of a coach working with individuals and teams to boost performance. Originally from Germany Inka has lived and worked abroad for over 15 years in France, China, and the UK, and she speaks German, English, Chinese (Mandarin) and French. She has worked as a co-facilitator with Capgemini since 2004 and as part of a small facilitation team she manages the processes and provides ongoing feedback to KPMG in a 4-step leadership programme for partners.

She is equally at home supporting group development in the course environment, or working with individuals on a one-to-one basis. She claims that her German heritage means that she is highly organised and her outstanding written and oral communication skills enable her to bring clarity and understanding to complicated concepts. In addition she is an excellent team player, keen to get all the "little jobs" done and with a talent for inspiring and enthusing others, whether given a leading or supporting role. Inka is a key member of the ChangeMaker delivery team for the GM Central and Eastern Europe PACER project, a major performance acceleration programme which has involved over 900 people.

Before her career as a facilitator and coach, Inka worked for many years as a journalist and news producer around the world, working for major broadcasters such as the BBC and Sky News. Based in China for 7 years, she covered many major news events throughout Asia in the late 90s and early 2000s (Afghanistan/War against Terror, ethnic riots in India, Taiwan elections, SARS outbreak in China); leading core production teams to capture stories internationally; this work led to her interest in the field of leadership and people experience. On return to the UK Inka moved into the field of coaching and facilitation.

Inka holds a diploma in coaching and is a trained Master Practitioner of NLP. She was awarded an MA in Chinese Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and she studied for a BA in Political Science and Social Anthropology at the Free University in Berlin.

In summary she is a qualified performance coach, facilitator, experienced journalist and consultant with a proven track record of helping organisations and individuals to realise their goals and fulfil their potential.

Inka now lives in North London. She loves any outdoor activities such as running, walking, hiking, skiing and skating. She is also a very vocal member of the public speaking club Toastmasters International.