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David Dobedoe

David Dobedoe

A committed team and personal coach and creative facilitator with a 20 year background in experiential training who believes in working within a contractual and co-creative process with clearly defined and understood outcomes for all parties.

As a facilitator specialising in the experiential approach to exploring business issues David has a strong commitment and real enthusiasm for delivering results. His experience allows him to have a flexible approach, capable of safely supporting the realistic exploration of challenging issues for organisations, teams and individuals. David believes in "pure facilitation" as a key style where the participants need to develop their own solutions. He is also a skilled experiential trainer in the management development arena. The basis of his professional interest lies in enabling people to work more effectively, this may involve teaching theory, facilitating discussions and providing appropriate practical exercises. He likes to encourage people to account for what is getting in the way of progress and create a safe environment in which their creativity can be harnessed to find real solutions. His preferred psychological frame of reference is based on the ethical use of Transactional Analysis. He also has a comprehensive understanding of Open Space Technology which has enabled him to explore its use, setting up the infrastructure and facilitating large events to develop strategic plans for clients.

His recent work for ChangeMaker has ranged from India and China to Central Europe on coaching projects, personal development courses, performance acceleration workshops and talent development. David's creative abilities are expressed working in partnership with clients to design solutions including training courses, large group interventions and events. When this is coupled with his expertise in modern media and IT technology this enables him to develop appropriate support resources for the intervention.

David has experience of working throughout Europe and Asia, South Africa, the United States and Canada at all levels and in many industries including, aviation, financial, retail, automotive, manufacturing, education, government institutions and the military He has worked on leadership projects with International business schools and companies in the utility, financial and engineering sectors. In particular supporting managers developing their understanding of communication and motivation as well as helping senior managers in being effective in supporting and designing large group trainings. His work ranges from supporting the design of a training course aimed at professional pilots to raise their awareness of how the limitations of their perception could impact on the safety of their work. To working with TV programme designers to improve the quality of their work in designing Children's TV.

In terms of professional development David is a Contracted Trainee with the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis working towards a CTA (Organisational) which he will complete in 2009. A significant part of this involves professional supervision and earning a professional coaching qualification.

When not at work David's main involvement is "Being a Dad!" And when he can fit it in; a range of outdoor activities including cycling, mountaineering and fly-fishing. He is currently hatching a cunning plan to buy a big enough tent for family camping trips when the sun is shining in Cumbria.